About us

Who we are

Global Transnet UK is a company established in London in February 2015. GTUK works in collaboration with Sky Way Technologies. GTUK main goal is to work on projects implementing the string technology as a new transportation system.

Our mission is to build new revolutionary infrastructure. We believe that transportation is a huge part of our daily lives and this project can offer faster and more enjoyable journey for every country, every city and for the humanity all together without damaging soil and spending enormous amounts of capital.

Our vision is to implement a new innovative transportation system able to solve the major global issues, such as overpopulation, pollution, road accidents and land use.

String technology is aiming to create global transportation without harming lands and damaging soil. GTUK as a company is planning to share this vision globally and implement 100 000 km of string roads in the next 10 years. We already have contracts in place for 160 000km to this day and we are looking for more people and countries to share our vision with. Our main goal is to continue the import, export and travel in general without economy disruption. The most important aspect is to create a new and ecological market for transportation. 

The Company

Global Transnet UK was founded in early 2015 after extensive research of the Sky Way technology and successful cooperation with the financial arm for the project Sky Way Invest Group.

Co-founders, Armand Murnieks and Andrey Khovratov were very impressed by Sky Way’s revolutionary approach to rail, and they immediately wanted to see Sky Way systems built both in UK and globally.

They co-own the British company (GTUK) with Dr Anatoly Yunitskiy the inventor of Sky Way technology, and SWIG leading Financiers.


Armands Murnieks

  • Director “Global Transnet UK.”
  • Transnet Group Leader Europe & GB
  • Private Investor
  • Sky Way Shareholder & Board Member
  • Expert in Sales, Negotiations, Business Management     

Andrey Khovratov

  • General Director of Sky Way Invest Group (SWIG)
  • Author & Founder of “Academy of Private Investor.”
  • Professional investor and business coach
  • Master of multi-network business structuring
  • Author of investment & finance courses, people motivation and management

Mila Serdjukova

  • Business Development Director “Global Transnet UK.”
  • Private Investor
  • Sky Way Shareholder
  • Expert in Sales, Finance, Business Management & Marketing

Anatoly Yunitskiy

  • Sky Way String Technology Founder
  • highly respected engineer with a PhD in Civil and Transport Engineering is the brainchild and driving force behind Sky Way and its major engineering and technical advancements
  • An academician of the State Corporation for Space Activities (Federation of Cosmonautics of the USSR) and has received many commendations and awards for his entrepreneurial work in the transport sector.