What requires to sell this technology all over the world?

For selling the SkyWay technology it requires to build cargo, city and high-speed test route, sites where the certification will be carried out and, orders for targeted project implementation will be obtained around the world


Our current stage is stage 9

Transfer of 7,500,000,000 shares at a discount ranging from 1:100 to 1:125.
Performance of works:

  • 9.1. Continuing work with customers and suppliers of equipment, components, assemblies and units to create experimental-industrial and production bases − "EcoTechnoPark" and "Unibus" − with three test sections of SW-systems (cargo, urban and high-speed, including pilot production, elevated track structures, rolling stock and "second level" infrastructure − stations, terminals, cargo terminals, turn-out switches, automated system of control, safety, energy supply and communications, etc.). 

  • 9.2. Completion of construction, testing and certification of a test complex for light urban SW-system — creation of a sale showroom of SW-technology for passenger and cargo transportation within a city. 

    SkyWay urban complex will be created on the principle "Seven-in-one": 

    1) passenger transportation on the principle “Minibus” and “Articulated tram”; 

    2) break-bulk cargo transportation on the principle “Container”; 

    3) line maintenance of the complex on the principle “Special transport”; 

    4) liquid cargo transportation on the principle “Tank”; 

    5) liquid cargo transportation on the principle “Product pipeline”; 

    6) electric power transmission via power lines, wired in the track structure; 

    7) information transfer via communication lines, wired in the track structure. 

    Characteristics of light urban complex: the total length of two test sections (mounted and suspended) – 2,550 m in one direction; design motion speed – up to 150 km/h; design capacity — up to 25,000 passengers per hour; automated system of safety, control, energy supply and communications; maximum design track gradient — up to 30%. 

  • 9.3. Demonstration of the functioning innovative urban transport complex to dozens of potential customers from the "warmed-up" world market. Signing contracts on targeted projects for urban routes SkyWay with customers from all continents of the planet for a total amount of at least USD 5 billion. In the following 3 months, receipt of advance payments (5%) for a total amount of at least USD 250 million — that means the urban test complex of light SkyWay worth of about USD 25 million will be paid off during the first months of its demonstration and will bring 1,000% of income.

  • 9.4. Continuing work on project documentation for other test sections of the fourth generation – cargo and high-speed – on a "turnkey" basis: the corresponding rail-string overpasses, rolling stock and infrastructure, including automated systems of safety, control, energy supply and communications. 

    Staff increase in SkyWay Technologies Co. up to 200 designers with the corresponding increase of service personnel. 

  • 9.5. Continuing works on creation of experimental-industrial and production bases of the holding company (not only in the Republic of Belarus, but also in other countries) and execution of the corresponding construction and assembly works. Continuation of construction and assembly works on creation of test complexes and production bases SkyWay in EcoTechnoPark in Maryina Gorka. 

  • 9.6. Continuing works on creation of scientific, testing, technological and operating equipment required for experimental industrial testing, certification, construction and operation of cargo, urban and high-speed SW-systems, including rail-string overpasses, rolling stock and infrastructure of the "second level". 

  • 9.7. Continuing work with customers from all over the world on targeted projects of cargo, urban and high-speed international SW-systems with the purpose of concluding preliminary contracts and receiving pre-orders and advance payments for these orders. 

    Expenses for Stage 9 — USD 25,000,000 (rent of premises, acquisition of additional working places for project engineers, designers, etc. with the licensed software, salaries for designers, service personnel and Companies’ management, placement of pre-orders for transport overpasses, rolling stock and infrastructure, advance payments, marketing, project design, assembly and construction works at the pilot and production bases and test complexes of SW-systems, scientific, research and development works, etc.). 

Investment scheme

5 reasons to become a technology co-owner

Good investment

According economists forecast, after placing shares on IPO, they will be in demands at value of £1 per share.

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Life-long dividends

You will get a profit corresponding to your number of shares with each project realized by the company.

Intellectual property

The company owns an exclusive rights of string transport technology. According to the independent experts estimates, this technology worth about $400 000 000 000

Changing the world

You have the opportunity to participate in project that will change worlds transportation system and will make it more available and safer to billions of people!

Involvement opportunities 

Volunteering and be at service to project and team

Share your ideas and assist in business development

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